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50 years of ski fashion…

Do you remember? The first stirrup pants by Bogner at the end of the fifties? The tight ski pants of the seventies, fitting like a second skin? Or the bright coloured ski overall? Ski fashion history was made high up on the slopes of Corvatsch for more than 50 years. A tribute to nylon, spandex and Bogner.

The history of ski fashion begins in the thirties with an anorak by Maria Bogner for the athletic woman on skis. Feminine, fun and convenient it is the complete opposite of the usual ski clothing made of loden. Bogner’s legendary stirrup ski pants made of modern material become the trademark of the company in the early fifties and are worn by stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. In America, the term „Bogners” becomes a synonym for stirrup ski pants and even made it into the dictionary. Maria Bogner presents the stunning outfits often against the impressive backdrop of the Corvatsch. Corvatsch maintains the connection to the company and the family Bogner to this day.

The new silhouette: feminine, fun, and convenient. The recipe for success making the Bogner brand famous around the globe. (© Bogner)

Maria Bogner and sister Liesl personally test the new wind blouses

The Sixties: Pop Art, Twiggy and lots of colour
Corvatsch opens and experiences its first decade of fashionable skiing. It’s the era of graphic prints and bright colours. And trousers were finally introduced into the female wardrobe. Colours, shapes and patterns can be seen everywhere on the slopes. At Bogner the zippers disappear discreetly under seams and the hoods become detachable.

The seventies: flower power, disco and jumpsuit
Wooden skis are replaced by plastic skis. The skiing style gets more extreme and mutates into „freestyle”. Freedom is equally celebrated in fashion: bold, colourful, with flowers or plaids, yet always sporty. The slopes resemble a disco ball. New synthetic microfibers such as Lycra are discovered. One wears salopettes or one of these new, integrated piece of clothing – the jumpsuit. It becomes an icon.

The eighties: Miami Vice, Madonna and fashion brands
This decade is contradictory, eccentric and iconic. Television and music have a huge impact on the fashion trends of that time. Shoulder pads, sport coats and leggings conquer the fashion world on the catwalk. On the mountain, the looks are mainly dominated by overalls featuring material mix, colour blocking and embroideries. Or by the „Total Look” in which skis and clothes have the same design. „Anything goes” is the motto not only for Bogner. On the contrary, it can not be spectacular enough: In the winter of 1986, a whole army of knights line up for a fashion show on the far reaches of Plaun da Lej at Corvatsch.

The nineties: Generation X, Diddl Mouse and the worldwide web
Supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer conquer the international fashion shows. The collections of Jil Sander, Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang are geared towards understatement and luxury. Also ski fashion becomes rather puristic. But room for innovation remains. In 1990, Willy Bogner presents a ski overall, playing eight different rock and roll tunes – leading to hilarious moments in the cable car cabin.

The new Millennium: Crocs, tunic and botox
The fashion of the 21 Century is inspired by older trends and reinterprets them in a new way. Metrosexuality, fashion blogs and technical gadgets define the fashion scene. In 2001, Bogner created the „sandwich-jacket”, a „twin shell construction” made of Gore-Tex, which marks its first appearance in sportswear. In 2010 Bogner celebrates sixty years of successful cooperation with the German Ski Association – the famous flames outfits emerge. In the same year, Willy Bogner photographed his new cat suits at Corvatsch. A year later, he is filming his movie „Magic in Motion” here, which like his other movies is a mirror of the current fashion spirit. In 2012, the Heritage Collection is photographed at Corvatsch for the 80-year anniversary of the Bogner brand. Story to be continued…

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