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The Life Of A Fashion Blogger Isn’t As Glamorous As It Looks

Ok! I’m honest with you…my website has been taking the backseat recently. With travel, summer plans and all these festivals, it’s no mistery why I haven’t been generating more content. Nevertheless, that is no excuse to let my blog sit aside!

So I’m back again into the groove with a new post!

Before I ventured into the now growing market of fashion blogging I was not only unaware of the adventures of strangers but possibly happier for it. I did not think that life could be a series of selfie-taking, beach vacationing, perfect lunch eating scenarios.

More so, it never occurred to me that this is what some people called work. It seems too good to be true right? Probably because it is. And tomorrow I’m officially in vacation. Just check my Instagram account to find out where I’m going.

When you are watching from the sidelines, the life of a blogger looks absolutely amazing, but it’s not always like this. Until I started a blog of my own, I did not realised how much work goes into portraying oneself to represent this lifestyle. You know what I mean, don’t YOU? These girls with perfectly tanned bodies taking “candid” shots of themselves in professionally arranged bedrooms eating breakfast in bed wearing the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Before blogging a regular free day involved sleeping until 12 o’clock, having coffee and watching a movie. Now is involving waking up at dawn and hitting my laptop, hard. I’m spending several hours of each day researching new fashion trends, applying for media coverage for events, and processing pictures.

When I am not working on my laptop, I am photographing products and outfit options. All of which include me with the perfect makeup and hair for that picture perfect face that I then have to retouch to a doll-like appearance. At the end of the day, my skin is dried out, and the bags under my eyes make it look like I am a heavy weight boxing champion and not a blogger.

So pretty girl? I don’t think so. More like pretty overworked girl I would say. Looking at some of the most famous bloggers in today’s timeline, I become overwhelmed with the amount of work they must fit in a day. There is the constant travelling and missing home, non-stop photo taking, research, writing, social media posting. The list just keeps going. I’m honestly tired just thinking about what one has to do to continue to thrive as a blogger.

So, the life of a fashion blogger is not really perfect! And for the ones who thinks we do not work…it’s a hell of a ride. You just have to try it for yourself and see!

Then comes the technology that is changing continuously and as one application gets exhausted, another one appears.

Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the rest of them to be a blogger you may as well duct tape your phone to your forehead and press record. Sure the top bloggers have teams that help them run their blogs but what about the rest of us that are doing this all alone? There is no marketing guru to post our pictures and to write our notes. We have to rely on ourselves for every functioning part of our blogging careers.

The world of blogging is really not all it’s portrayed as being. There are no glass slippers and pumpkin carriages, it is midnight at all times and we are trying to get home on time to get at least few hours of sleep. So no, I am not just a pretty blogger girl, nor do I want to be one. I am just a woman who works hard for everything she has, who at the end of the day much likes the person she is under the designer gear.

More importantly, I know that no matter what the photos of me might represent, they are not real but I am.

Most of us do not get the privilege to fly to the most exotic corners of the world weekly. Most of us are lucky if we have an hour in the week to catch up with our friends. What I had to realize was that being a “pretty” blogger girl was a constructed image. An image created as a marketing ploy delivered for the purposes of representation of a brand.

In this case the brand was myself and the message was quite simple: I am pretty too.

And Yes, sometimes, I do struggle. I admit, life is not that easy.
If I share my pictures with you, it doesn’t mean I am trying to show you how great my Life is. I am only trying to tell you ‘Look how fucked up my life can be but look how I keep going. I never claimed to be beautiful or smart, I only do and say what I like, I do not want to have someone behind my back controlling my life, or telling me what it is best for me. I learned to accept the way I am, the way I look, the way I think. I may be different but difference is what makes this world interesting. I am this kind of person who believes that by falling, we can learn, by failing, we can improve our lives.
It is not a big deal if you can’t succeed in doing something you really care about. The big deal would be if you don’t try again. Never give up, never listen to people who ‘advise” you to stop because it is not “realistic” or because “you don’t know much” or “you are too young”. Excuses never helped someone. Excuses never built companies. Excuses never made a name immortal.
Fight for your dream and when I say fight, you will come to a point in your life that fighting for your ideas is the only solution.

Like any job, plenty of work come with blogging. In addition to the pressures of getting the perfect Instagram PICTURE, there’s paperwork, legal issues, networking, and many events to attend. It’s a role that requires almost 24/7 commitment, and social media breaks are sometimes a necessity. And, when it comes to being Insta-famous, making it is 90% of the battle.

There are so many things I wished I knew before going public.

More about the life of a fashion blogger in another article…Stay tuned and enjoy my Instagram pictures!

About Alina:

Alina Vlad is the creative behind everything you see on AV Style. Her experiences in fashion, lifestyle and travelling.

With a Finance and Human Resources degree started this fashion website in February 2014. She evolved from a hobby into a profession and covers international fashion events around the world and her collaborations with major fashion houses.

AV Style acquired a large following and fan base (100.000 followers) through social media platforms in the last years.

So passionate about photography, travel and fashion she created this project to share more with her followers who are inspired by her individuality and inspirational attitude.


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