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Alina Vlad: despre traditionala “IE”…


Alina Vlad (AV Style) told in your blog:

The traditional Romanian Blouse, simply named “IE”,

has always been a symbol of universal femininity.

For some time now the buzz around the ‘traditional’ Romanian Blouse has been growing in popularity with seemingly no signs of abating. I believe you already saw the internet offers an infinite source of advice about how to style these clothes.

The Romanian blouse has crossed the borders and become a strong international trend for several seasons. So, I decided to bring her at Milan Fashion Week too. It was the most appreciated outfit worn at Fashion Week.

The Traditional Romanian blouse is arguably the strongest representative piece of Romanian folklore and part of the traditional costume for many decades.

The handmade embroidery finds its roots in a picturesque past and every Romanian woman loves to wear it even after thousands of years. It’s so beautiful that we can keep and carry on Romanian traditions. The floral patterns are numerous and tell never-ending stories about the history of femininity in this part of the world. In the past, married women or the eldest in the family used to wear simple colors and patterns, while the youngest members wore colorful shirts. The Romanian Blouse is known as the most important piece of the traditional costume in Romania and it preserves tradition through its ornaments which highlight the differences in age, social status and life events.

For the third day of Milan Fashion Week, I choose to wear a Romanian handmade blouse from Izabela Mandoiu with a manually worked red embroidery with gold details. I paired it with these green shoes and a pleated white skirt! And I believe it fits perfectly with the SS17 collection presented on stage by ETRO.

I guess it was fare enough and honest to share the inspiration in Milan, mostly because these days nobody is reinventing the fashion week. Recently the Romanian Blouse, or “peasant blouse” is very popular around the world. Even though, the number of Romanian women who create these authentic pieces of art has dropped considerably over recent decades.

But over time, the beauty of Romanian Traditional Blouses captured the attention of big names in the fashion industry.

Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer who introduced, in 1981, the Romanian blouse in his collection.

“A Romanian blouse does not belong to any period. All the peasant clothes are passed down from century to century without going out of fashion.” he declared.

He was followed by Oscar de la Renta in the early 2000s, Jean Paul Gaultier in 2006, Tom Ford in 2012 and Isabel Marant 2013. More recently, Anthropoligie has created a collection inspired by Southern Romania. There are also many Romanian designers who promote Romanian folklore in their collections.

And I think it’s a good choice because so many people from abroad like it. It’s raising the profile of our country because it’s a unique and beautiful piece of art. I will proudly wear it whenever I have the occasion.

I will proudly wear Traditional Romanian blouse whenever I have the occasion.


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