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Angelina Jolie is back for the cover of VANITY FAIR teaming up with fashion industry’s leading photography duo Mert and Marcus. Angelina who is styled for the September cover story of Vanity Fair by Jolie Solo is joined for one of the images by half of the duo – Mr. Mert Alas in an astronaut suit.

“Life in her household is apparently like this—messy, relaxed, normal. The kids are polite but not phony polite. Zahara, 12, whom Jolie describes as “the rock” of the family, comes downstairs. “Zaz!” Jolie cries, midsentence. They discuss the whereabouts of everyone else. Zahara hugs the wet dog. Jolie laughs and tells her daughter about the swim Dusty just took. We move to the kitchen, where Jolie fixes herself a cup of tea. Vivienne, 9, comes in with a friend, having just been at a sleepover. She’s wearing a jean backpack covered with pins. Jolie envelops her in her arms. I ask the girl if she’s called “Viv” or “Vivienne.” “Either one!” she says with a smile. She dumps her stuff on the counter and goes out to play with her friend. Jolie picks up a small piece of a blanket, shredded to death, and explains, laughing, “She has 32 blankets. She is very into her blanket, and she gets very mad if you wash her blanket. She actually said to me the other day, ‘Mom, I can taste my blanket.’ ‘That, honey, is a sign that it really, really needs to be washed. ” -from Vanity Fair

Angelia Jolie Solo
Photographers: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
Stylist: Jessica Diehl
Star: Angelia Jolie

See more and read the full story over at www.vanityfair.com.

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