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ANKI PERMODA – Exquisite Women Dresses

„The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” Acest citat spune multe despre ce staff-ul din spatele Anki Permoda incearca sa aduca in imaginea clientilor. Anki Permoda se descrie printr-un singur cuvant : dedicatie . Dedicatie pentru frumosul feminin , pentru lux , eleganta si rafinament . Designul rochiilor este creat strict conform cerintelor clientelor , aducand un grad de satisfactie maxim pentru fiecare creatie .

Anki Permoda is a new brand appeared on the Romanian market, but with an over 5 years experience in this field. Our creations …. evening dresses, cocktail dresses and wedding dresses target
strong women, elegant and refined, regardless of age or style !

The dresses are made of the finest materials and exquisite embroideries handmade , with bold accessories that emphasize elegance and shapes of every woman!

Our objective is to participate in shaping women identity in the fashion space, we are lovers of beautiful, harmony and Elegance.

Andreea Parlea is the person because of whom was born Anki PERMODA. With extensive experience in fashion, ready-to-wear dresses and casual, decided to carry on this passion.
Together with a staff as passionate as her, tries every day to bring a better image in our lives.



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