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Black Sappheiros – Kerbedanz

Like an authentic alchemist, Kerbedanz combines traditional watchmaking artistry, avant-garde materials and mythology in giving rise to the Sappheiros Tourbillon Black Edition. The gold case and dial are clothed in a black DLC carbon coating: a first!

While creating striking light effects against a stunning deep black background, this innovative material also boasts functional properties notably including peerless wear resistance enabling it to defy time. The latter is clothed in transparency in this model, magnified by the purity of sapphire highlighting the endless spinning of its tourbillon. Named “sappheiros” in Ancient Greek, sapphire symbolised immortality, a reminder of the inalterable radiance of this stone whose hardness is second only to that of diamonds. In giving its name to this new Kerbedanz creation, “sappheiros” sends a hint of eternity blowing over wrists with this 41-piece limited edition.

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