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Bucharest Fashion Week revine! Cele mai noi colectii ale sezonului primavara-vara

Laura Olteanu, Nausica Mode, Mineli Boutique, Andreea Dogaru, Anne’s Bridal Weeding Dress, By Cristina Oae, Atelierele Ilbah, Brinelli, Bord’s by Flower Ferre, Privato, Eugen Olteanu, Wanda’s Dream, Mayra Fashion Store, L’Atelier Ioana Calin, Adam&Eva Swimwear, Zevo Bags, Cristiana Maria Purdescu, Felba, Mavaro Bags, Hardcore Fashion, Sorana Darclee by Eos, Alberto Suits and Tailoring, THAÏS & STRÖE.




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