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A Crazymals Story – From Hollywood to Palm Springs …

Born of Fawaz Gruosi’s imagination, the Crazymals provide an introduction to the world of glamour, infused with the elegance and retro charm of the 1950s. From the top of Mount Lee and its iconic hills to the palm trees of Palm Springs, meet Lady Flamingo, Crooner Snake, Great Ladybug, Stogie K, Tux’Penguin, Hip Hop Panda and Buddy.

A team of joyous, charismatic and irreverent creatures with a laidback manner and inherent sense of repartee. Precious beings set with 1001 stones, whose many details and mobile accessories prove that one can master the most complex jewellery techniques and revisit their codes while having fun. An exuberant display of stones and colours, the Crazymals play on conventions while offering a beautiful escape, a festive invitation and a refreshing breeze. Highly endearing little characters with deliberately affirmed personality traits. Simply a light-hearted, laidback and truly vibrant slice of life.

Amid a retro-inspired stage-setting reminiscent of Hollywood, they invite us into their world of sparkle, humour and immoderation. Mobile figurines with a captivating appearance and colourful personalities that come to life beneath the daring creative jewellery skills of the Maison de GRISOGONO.

Characters that reveal the most closely guarded aspects of our personality. Which Crazymal are you?

Alongside Super Pig, Cool Bear, Funky Monkey and KissMe Frog, born in 2009, seven new characters now come to life.

Welcome to the optimism of the 1950s American dream!


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