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In the elite world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie, there are some brands that instantly make an impact, leaving connoisseurs speechless. Cvstos is one such brand. Ever since its launch in 2005, Cvstos, with its distinctive high-tech approach to exclusive watchmaking, has boldly risen to the challenge of creating a pioneering style and a new market demand.

Taken directly from the Latin for „guardian”, the name Cvstos was freely inspired by the boundless creativity of an exceptional team of complementary talents, each one fired by a burning passion to produce one-of-a-kind timepieces. Illustrating a powerful holistic concept, the Cvstos style embraces a particularly modern approach to design, one that manifests itself in the perfect balance between traditional watchmaking and state-of-the-art innovation.

Custodian of a new watchmaking era with a firm eye on the future, Cvstos proposes a comprehensive line of creations, ranging from an automatic movement displaying the hours. minutes and seconds through to an exceptional Minute Repeater Tourbillon Sport, the crown of the collection, which adds an ultra-contemporary, yet sporty dimension to the most sophisticated traditional watchmaking complications. Always a step ahead of time, Cvstos, the avant-garde benchmark in high-end watchmaking, anticipates current trends, relentlessly pursuing growth by doing today what others will do tomorrow.



“Tick-tack is the second word I learned”, recalls the entrepreneur Sassoun Sirmakes. To appreciate in full the enthusiasm and dedication of the co-founder and chief executive officer of Cvstos, one must bear in mind that from his early childhood he was immersed in the fascinating world of Haute Horlogerie.

It is often said that entrepreneurial and visionary skills tend to go together in the same family, from one generation to the next. Sassoun Sirmakes is an embodiment of this statement. Step by step, from his earliest years, this dynamic Swiss-Armenian young man was drawn into the world of sophisticated watchmaking by working eagerly, during weekends and summer holidays, beside his father Vartan Sirmakes, owner and chairman of the Franck Muller Watchland Group.

After finishing high-school at the age of 17, Sassoun faced a crucial dilemma: should he continue with his studies or join the company straightaway and benefit directly from his father’s years of unequalled experience and his peerless sense of perfection to acquire the same habits of meticulousness and gain an intimate knowledge of this intricate craft. For him, the choice that had to be made was more than obvious. He rightfully decided not to forgo this unique opportunity and began at once to embark on a work for which he had an enduring passion as well as an already proven talent.

His first major challenge was to restructure the small gem setting department to optimize its production capacities. Within the space of only two years, and with his characteristic decisiveness, he successfully achieved his initial goal by implementing managerial policies and strategies that transformed the in-house workshop into a large-scale company, most probably one of the biggest in Switzerland, located at two different sites in the Geneva area. With over 50 full-time qualified employees working under his direct leadership, Sassoun was also in charge of purchasing and managing substantial quantities of precious stones. Additionally, his strong analytical vision and organizational skills led him to learn some of the essential aspects of the accounting procedures of the Franck Muller Watchland Group.

Through his boundless curiosity and active participation in all the facets of production, he gradually developed a keen and unfailing eye for the imperatives that underpin the realm of luxury and achieved mastery of the entire watchmaking process from the design board to the finished product.

During spring 2004, Sassoun Sirmakes decided to branch out and create Cvstos, an independent brand, by teaming up with one highly talented partner: Antonio Terranova. Revealing Sassoun’s acknowledged flair for innovation and creative designs, these timepieces are totally dedicated to trendsetters across the world. This innovative watchmaking brand is the outcome of an original concept that defines and illustrates beautifully Sassoun Sirmakes’ very own philosophy of life: being always a step ahead of time.


The ‘Color Storm’ collection in red, yellow, orange and white. This Chronograph offers an optimized readability, thanks to the configuration of the dial decomposed in 2 reading axes and power reserve of minimum 42 hours and the date.



Cvstos combines materials to present its famous Jetliner and Chronograph in some prestigious new versions made of titanium in different colors and gold. This fusion allows these watches to win in preciousness with the side part of the case made of 5N pink gold and in the same time keeping a low weight with the use of Titanium for the other parts. Preciousness and performance, efficiency and elegance, the four fundamental principles of the Cvstos Manufacture are perfectly highlighted in these new pieces.


CVSTOS opens doors to a new world, made of dreams and wonders by expanding its collection dedicated to women. After a first success with the Re-Belle Sakura model and its unique snow setting, Cvstos offers color variations with blue, pink or yellow Sapphires and green Tsavorites that adorn the elegant curves of the case. These exceptional pieces are made of 5N pink gold or steel and are worn on an elegant alligator leather strap perfectly matching with the colors of the various dial ornaments and the precious stones of the case. An ode to the beauty of the passing time and its rebirth … Where ‘Haute Horlogerie’ blends harmoniously with artistic crafts and high jewellery.



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