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Emirates – New First, Business and Eco Class

Since launching the world’s first private suites in commercial air travel in 2003, Emirates has continually defined the industry standards for First Class travel. Emirates’ new fully enclosed private suites now introduce the next level of privacy and thoughtful luxury.

Inspired by Mercedes-Benz, Emirates’ new First Class cabin on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft features a sleek modern design. Think soft leather seating, hi-tech control panels, mood lighting, and meticulous attention to detail. Laid out in a 1-1-1 configuration, each of the six fully enclosed private suites have floor to ceiling doors, and offer a window view. Private suites in the middle of the cabin have virtual windows which project the view from outside the aircraft, using real time camera technology. The seats in each suite also feature a “zero gravity” seat function inspired by NASA technology for unmatched comfort.

Created in collaboration with Boeing, Rockwell Collins interior system, Jacques Pierre Jean Design studio, Panasonic, and Seattle-based design firm Teague, each private suite combines smart technologies and intelligent design features to deliver function as well as luxury and comfort. The new First Class cabin interior also uses a whole new palette of colours featuring soft greys, cream and champagne, delivering an open and airy feel, with quiet and timeless luxury.
An artistic motif representing the Ghaf (prosopis cineraria) tree is seen throughout the aircraft. An indigenous evergreen plant, the Ghaf is a considered the national tree of the United Arab Emirates, and has deep cultural and ecological significance. It is one of the species of flora that can be found in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which Emirates supports.

Byredo skincare collection
Each suite is fitted with an inspiration kit which features a luxury Byredo skincare collection found only on Emirates. Byredo is a modern European luxury brand founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, with strong ties to creativity, art and lifestyle. Byredo has launched its skincare line exclusively in Emirates First Class. All the products in the collection are manufactured using the best raw materials with a distinct focus on craft and quality.

The products on board include:
 Towelette: Cleanses and refreshes the face, leaving a clean base to enjoy the maximum benefit from skincare
 Facial Toner: An invigorating burst of freshness for the face and essential hydration, improving overall skin
 Eye Cream: Gently hydrates sensitive skin around the eye leaving it softer and suppler
 Sleep Oil: A Chamomile roll-on oil to apply on wrist, temples, and pulse points to ease into relaxation
 Pillow Mist: A soothing Chamomile spray for textile to create a calming atmosphere and help stay relaxed

Leather notebook and pen
The inspiration kit also includes a notebook and pen to jot down stories, memories and ideas.
Steiner Safari Binoculars are available in the suite for customers who want to explore the sky outside their window.

Bowers & Wilkins headphones
The suites will include Bowers & Wilkins headphones to complement the viewing experience on Emirates’ awardwinning inflight entertainment, ice. The Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones were created exclusively for Emirates and use a unique hybrid noise cancellation technology optimised for the Emirates First Class cabins, neutralising ambient noise for a truly immersive entertainment experience. The headphones are designed to be lightweight and made of the finest materials, including aluminium and sheepskin leather for a comfortable fit.

Hydra Active moisturising pyjamas
For a good night’s sleep, Emirates provides pyjamas using Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology designed to keep skin hydrated during the flight. The patented technology uses billions of capsules applied to the fabric which gently releases naturally-moisturising Sea Kelp during movement. The Microcapsule Technology of the lounge wear locks in the moisturiser for up to 10 washes so customers can re-use them. The suits include matching slippers and eye mask and come in a stylish felt pouch.

For added comfort, customers can keep warm with a plush, faux sheep-skin blanket in First Class.

Bulgari amenity kits
Customers can prepare for the next step of their journey with exclusive Bulgari amenity kits. Emirates has partnered with the luxury Italian brand to create exclusive designer kit bags that include signature Bulgari fragrances and lotions, along with other pamper essentials. The First Class kit bags come in eight brand new designs for men and women. The new kits also include Bulgari’s White Tea fragrance and are available on long-haul night flights and on flights over 10 hours.

Dining in First Class
First Class passengers can order a la carte multi-course meals created by top international chefs from an extensive menu. Dining is on demand and an order can be placed at any time during the flight. Emirates uses the finest Royal Doulton china and exclusive Robert Welch cutlery- providing a premium class dining that is unmatched. Emirates customers will also be served some the most exclusive wines, champagnes and spirits. The airline’s world-class wine programme procures the finest wines from the most prestigious wine producing regions around the globe.

Fully Enclosed First Class Suites
 6 luxurious private suites with floor to ceiling doors, set in a 1-1-1 configuration
 The suite is 84 inches long, and the doors reach up to 6 feet and 9 inches high
 Each roomy suite offers up to 40 square feet of thoughtfully designed privacy. The space enables a customer to comfortably change within the privacy of the suite
 The seat is 78 inches long, and up to 30 inches wide. It reclines from an upright position to a fully flat bed.
 The electrically-operated leg rest, backrest, headrest, armrest, seat frame, leg rest extension and seat pan extension enable the seat to convert to a “zero gravity” seat setting inspired by NASA technology. The seats also convert to pre-set positions (upright, dining, lounge, bed lounge or bed) or to any intermediate position to suit personal preferences
 Private suites in the middle row have virtual windows, allowing customers to admire the view regardless of which suite they are in. A feature exclusive to Emirates.

First Class game changer
Fully enclosed Private Suites
 Personal mini bar featuring refreshing snacks and drinks
 Video call feature, allows customers to order room service from the comfort of their suite
 Ample space for work, reading, or dining, with a work desk and pull-out dining table measuring 29 inches by 19
 Special insert within the desk features stationery and Byredo skincare and fragrances
 A cocktail table which extends from the suite console
 Full length wardrobe, overhead stowage, baggage storage in the seat arm rest, and extra storage space below
the TV for bags or shoes
 32 inch FULL HD LCD screen linked to Emirates’ award-winning ice inflight entertainment (IFE) system. The next
generation of IFE screens offer improved and superior image quality with ultra-wide viewing angles, touch
screen and LED backlight
 13 inch touch screen wireless seat controls for Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system, and seat functions
 A PC power outlet, dual USB port, HDMI port, USB C port and RJU headphone jack
 Each suite is fitted with chandelier-style lights
 10 ambient mood lighting settings with 7 different colour schemes that customers can control in their suite
 Temperature control within each private suite

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