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Honeymoon in small format

New high-time travel trend…

dream beaches on the Maldives or luxury safari in kenya – Honeymoon couples must be unique and special. Organize the trips to the classic long-distance destinations can but the nerves and the money bag strain. The traditional break after the wedding is nevertheless for most pairs still to do so.

In wedding magazines and forums enjoys the trend Mini Moon, shortened honeymoon in countries that are within a few hours or with the car to reach, growing popularity. Many couples decide very consciously for a short break. Instead of only around half the world to travel, do you want to go to the wedding just relax and have time for themselves. Dolce Vita has romantic Mini Moon-destinations in Europe:

France, Paris

„quick to reach objectives have the advantage that the couples already relaxd arrive. A short flight saves the jet lag and the passengers can immediately enjoy the common time,” explains Prof. Dr. Gebert. For example in the city of love, a classic but still popular honeymoon destination. After a short trip to the spouses of his relaxd walking, the artists explore Montmartre district or in the completely glazed Restaurant The 58 Tour Eiffel for dinner and the nocturnal Paris from above to admire.

Dolce Vita Mini Moon-Tip: The stylish modern suites of goralska residences are centrally located and are the ideal starting point for exploring romantic tours through the French capital.

Italy, Tuscany, Grosseto

„each pair designed the high time is different and individuality is also available at the honeymoon – away from important objectives that each travel to countries that are not considered to be a classic honeymoon destination are known”, explains Prof. Gebert. Instead of romantic walks on the beach in the seychelles can then hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking through the hilly landscape of Tuscany on the program.

Dolce Vita Mini Moon-tip: behind the rustic stone walls of the Dimora Santa Margherita hide six individually designed suites and the hotel’s own restaurant serves local wines are served. For maximum individuality can couples here a hot air balloon ride companies, through the Tuscany hiking and picnicking or an Italian cooking course.

Rhodes Greece

„the start in married life consciously enjoy, is important for couples, regardless of how long or where the break is seen”, explains Prof. Gebert. The Greek island of Rhodes is an ideal destination – whether couples staying at the beaches, a yacht rental for the coast and other islands and to explore the island on a sightseeing flight experience from the perspective of a bird.

Dolce Vita Mini Moon-Tip: The suites at the Lindian Village offer a private garden and a private swimming pool, with views over the Aegean Sea. On request are couples on honeymoon, with champagne and strawberries and fresh flowers welcomes or get the breakfast to the room. The Spa will be few massage. The special „Love food” menu is also served on the beach.

Spain and the Canary Islands, Tenerife

on Tenerife there are caribbean beaches, thousand-year-old volcanoes, bizarre lunar landscapes and hiking trails through the botanical gardens and National Parks – the Canary Island is in a few hours of flight distance and a Mini Moon-paradise. Stefan Menden explains: „When a couple of only a smaller budget available, but not on luxury, recommend a goals, the quickly accessible and a shorter duration of stay. It must be based on nothing may be omitted.”

Dolce Vita Mini Moon-tip: luxurious villas of the Ritz Carlton Abama in Guía de Isora, on the southern coast of Tenerife, which are surrounded by botanical gardens. Wedding and who would like to connect Mini Moon, in the luxury hotel right on the beach and marry in one of the twelve restaurants celebrations.

Italy, Tuscany, Florence

„winding lanes, a historic old town, imposing palaces and ancient bridges – Florence is perfect for a Mini Moon,” recommends Stefan Menden, Managing Director of secret escapes, the Italian city of Florence. The travel psychologist explains: „The perfect ‘once in a life time”.


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