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Hot, Hot, Hot: The Latest in Lash Looks

This summer your lash style was a tribute to Ariana Grande. Now that it’s approaching winter, you’re staying faithful to the classic Twiggy look. No matter what fashion-icon you admire, styles and fashions are always changing. Keep up to date with the latest trends in lash extensions and technology. 

Brown Luxury Silk Lashes

Women since the 1800s have been trying to make their eyelashes look longer, fuller, comfortable and as natural as possible. Lash extensions are now made with a variety of materials including silk, which gives a very real, lovely and dramatic look without overwhelming the eyes. In addition, silk eyelash extensions are usually softer and more flexible, so they last longer. To achieve as natural a look as possible, choose a matte color like the popular brown luxury silk lashes. They provide women with the gorgeous, full look they want, but the natural color does shout “falsies!”

Colored Silk Lashes

For those times when you or your clients want to add a touch of fun color, be sure to check out colored silk lashes. Luxury silk lashes come in a number of color palettes including pinks, blues and greens. To be sure the colored lashes last as long as the party is going on, many are double heated to retain the curl. You can either coordinate the colored silk lashes with your outfit for the evening or try something even more fun and on trend, mix in some of the colored lashes to enhance your eye color.

Bottom Silk Lashes

Many women are so focused on making their top lash line look amazing, they forget the bottom lashes. Using false lashes on the bottom line is a current trend that can make your eyes look wider and can eliminate the issues of mascara smudging underneath your peepers. Silk lashes are an ideal choice for the bottom of the eyes since it’s so lightweight, the lashes won’t pull the lower part of the eye down. Plus, they are exceptionally comfortable to apply. Bottom lashes are not as long as the top extensions, so if you cannot find silk lashes that are specifically made for the bottom eye line, trim top lashes to whatever length you wish.

Multi-length Lashes

Multi-length is especially hot right now — typically with three different lengths in each row. Using multi-length lashes will not only add some dimension to the lashes, but also help them look more natural and mimic the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes. If you take a close look at your natural lashes, they are not all the same length.

Multi-length lashes can often be found in a number of lengths ranging from 7mm to 12mm. This type of eyelash can be a bit more labor intensive to apply, as they are not typically pre-arranged in a cluster but can be created into the size you or your future client needs.

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