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Lalique 2017 New Fashion Jewellery Collection

The House of Lalique presents a new fashion jewellery collection featuring sculpted lines inspired by its floral repertoire.

Lalique 2017 New Fashion Jewellery Collection 1Lalique 2017 New Fashion Jewellery Collection 2

Lalique designs Flora Bella… The flower petal pattern symbolizes a graphically styled bud poised to bloom, echoing the Art Deco heritage of the House. The design is available in an oversize ‘accessory’ style or in a dropped motif version, as stations on a long necklace or as a single element.

Lalique 2017 New Fashion Jewellery Collection 3Lalique 2017 New Fashion Jewellery Collection 4

Paying tribute to the early days of spring, the Fleur de Neige motif is sculpted in openwork crystal. The pattern is inspired by the snowdrop that flourishes in late winter landscapes covered with melting snow. On these jewels, Lalique clear crystal is illuminated with a pearly coat to evoke the beautiful effect of sunlight on snow.

Fleur de Neige is offered as a bas-relief medallion with a beaded accent to recall the delicate droplets exposed during the thaw or as a six-petal design to wear as a floral talisman. This creation, inspired by The Snow Maiden (1882) Opera by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov, is presented in collaboration with the Paris national Opéra.

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