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The Little Black Dress…

The little black dress, commonly referred to as the LBD—has been an iconic symbol of classy, simplistic date-night attire since the mid 20s. The word chic comes to mind when women decide to bring back this sensual staple. But it wasn’t until Coco Channel, the legendary French fashion designer, had her drawings published in Vogue America in 1926 that the little black dress would make its way into the closets of all fashionable women around the world. At the time Coco’s vision was revolutionary, introducing a shorter hemline to the Modern Woman. Famous actresses were the early adapters of the trend, followed by high-profile women such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jaqueline Kennedy and even the Duchess of Windsor, renowned for her sense of style and her ability to influence the world of fashion.

Other designers, such as Christian Doir, added their own twists to the Little Black Dress, allowing it to evolve with the times. Eventually the LBD would change into a cocktail gown in the 50s, the iconic mini skirt of the 60s, a dinner dress in the 70s, a maxi in the 80s and a cute party statement in the 90s. Princess Diana famously wore a little black “revenge” dress in 1994, raising eyebrows around the globe as women rushed to copy. Throughout the early 2000s and up until present day, supermodels, celebrities and the cinema have kept the idea alive. The little black dress—truly a classic that never gets old.

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