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Louis Vuitton launches travel case for perfume bottles

Louis Vuitton has released its latest travel accessory – a perfume travel case. 

The launch of the mini travel case coincides with the first anniversary of ‘Les Parfums’ which was made by master perfume Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

Designed to hold a single bottle of Les Parfums, the tiny leather case has a signature monogram design, and comes in three colors- black, white and Millennial pink. The cases can also hold 100ml and 200 ml bottles of similar shapes of perfume, luxury creams, lotions and other assorted potions.

‘In creating the Fragrance Travel Cases, Louis Vuitton applies its savoir-faire and mastery in custom-designing the perfect case for transporting and protecting each item of one’s personal belongings,’ the brand said of the release.

The new cases retail for between $400 and $500 and can also be personalized in-store according to ones aesthetic wishes at an additional charge.

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