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The new delight at the Fish

the fish grill, it must be right here already say that can do more than just grilled fish on the plates spells. This Fish Grill is based on an ingenious and ingeniously simple technology. Never a hot grill rods skiving fish on a plate blades must be? The sounds as yesteryear ‘never dry’! Here but it works. And it properly.

But let us begin with the beginning: in the beginning was the wood. With olive wood grill-coated fish in Ventimiglia. Olive wood burns very slowly and gives a sense of fine taste. The model of the Fish Grill is in Malaga, Spain, in a small fish restaurant. An old rowing boat, gefüllt with sand, in the middle of the olive wood burns very slowly and very solid, fully floating fish on bamboo sticks which in the sand in the flame and wind coordinated inclination in the sand. The fish will not be in its entirety and the skin is perfectly grilled, to a crispy delicacy.

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