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Noblesse Palace, Art and Events Center, Bucuresti

„Createur des moments magiques”

In the Bucharest crowded landscape of buildings covered in glass, suffocated by cars and people rushing, was opened the Noblesse Palace, a place where the history comes to life and stories become reality.

The beautiful historic building dating from 1881 houses several brands belonging Group’s Noblesse, interconnected by a passion for creating and providing services at the highest level, namely Arts and Events Centre Noblesse Palace, Noblesse Cultural Association, architecture and design office Studio Insign and exclusive showroom of Noblesse Galleries.

The undeniable architectural beauty, current Noblesse Palace was built in 1881 by the architect Alexandru Savulescu, and in 1903 was inhabited by the banker Leonid Berkovitz.

Located downtown, built in ecletic style, the residence oft he banker was where was organized numerous meetings, banquets, evenings, house halls echoing music and good vibes. And the fin chords and fine foods, refined, are again, present at the Noblesse Palace, a gem that has been rendered to the cultural heritage of Bucharest.

Spacious rooms, different colored marbles, stucco covered with gold leaf, with the ceiling painted with great art are ideal to host exclusive corporate events, private, fashionable and cultural. Each is decorated and with ambient to delight the senses of those who visit the Noblesse Palace, ensuring that i twill be a memorable experience.

A place full of history was brought back to life and carefully tailored to the requirements of current events ; the rooms are equupped with air conditioning systems, video projection and audio hi-fi.

Noblesse Palace uniqueness comes from the classic elegance of the halls, the concept of events that we prive, the way that restoration works were carried out starting from authentic documents from 1881, the way in which was managed the integration of all the elements necessary for a center art and modern events in a classical enviroment.

Furnishing, accessoizing and tiling of each room was made with products of the portfolio of Noblesse Galleries, leaders in luxury interior design from world-renowned brands, whose exclusive showroom is in the palace.

Noblesse Palace is the only center of events arranged in a historic building in Bucharest, which was strengthended and fully restored at the interior and exterior.


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