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Penthouse one – 11 at CityLife in Milan

Penthouse One-11 is the setting of Milano Contract District project, within the famous residences designed by Zaha Hadid in Milan’s prestigious CityLife, one of Europe’s biggest urban re-qualification projects.

The space inside Penthouse One – 11 is fluid, running seamlessly between walls and furniture, flooring and cladding, systems of fixed and mobile space dividers, interior finishes and shelving. The Slide Natural Genius collection, developed with Daniele Lago and part of the Natural Genius project by Listone Giordano, fits perfectly within the design and has been chosen not just for the floor but also for some of the vertical surfaces. Slide Natural Genius moves away from the traditional classic proportions of the planks to introduce irreverent elements of geometry and mathematics. The design is actually based on a rectangle that is transformed into a diamond following the magic of transcendental numbers, then rotating, sliding and fitted together in endless different forms, giving rise to new and original patterns.

The two floors are connected by the Fontanot stairs, a LaFont Fascia model: an iron structure with a lateral thigh, a white stained gypsum finish such as the walls and a laminated float glass railing, the step of the solid structure of oak-colored. The company has realised the paneling of the wall covering with raw iron plates and the supporting structure with invisible hardware, provided with a shaping and created for the recessed luminaires.

This realisation was intended to pay attention to the surrounding environment by setting the concept of staircase, for the first time, as the absolute value and including the wall on the side like a glue and decoration.

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