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Relaxing and healthy – tea is well established as a lifestyle drink

a hot temptation…

dozens of cups of tea daily recommended the Holland safe Doctor Cornelius Bontekoe in 17. Century. The Dutch East India Company held the monopoly of trade with Asia. Bontekoe and paid for its exuberant propaganda for the once exotic sheets from Asia.

Today is a tea is becoming more popular. For each approximately five percent of sales in the last few years. And this is understandable. Tea vitalized. Tea purges, keeps the heart fit and contains many Antioxodanten. Its Vitamin-B, potassium and manganese content, strengthen the immune system. A entzundunfshemmende effect is demonstrated. And it geibt even more reasons why tea as a lifestyle drink established: new mixtures and flavors allow unexpected taste experiences. Enjoy celebrated teas hours make for relaxing moments. Whether with the cultured British Tea Time or the Japanese Matcha green tea ceremony with ceramic shell and bamboo whisk for stylish foaming of the tea.

It is like the wine: Connoisseurs look closely. They pay attention to cultivation areas and sheet quality. The Aroma should be fresh and sweet. And only the right preparation bring taste and effect to full development. The water must not be hotter than 90 degrees.

If green, black or blue tea – all come from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The difference of the oxidation process. Like herbal teas in the summer on the rise – Tea remains under the traditional tea is the most popular. Try is the fastest way to the new favorite tea – it must be not equal to dozens of cups per day.

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