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The Secret to Flawless, Glowing Skin, According to Celebrity Makeup Artist Mary Phillips

It’s a question many a magazine has asked, „How does Jennifer Lopez get her glow”? While her good genes and sought-after glam squad may attribute to her flawless complexion, according to celebrity makeup artist, Mary Phillips, good skin starts from within. „If you don’t sleep, don’t drink water, and don’t take your vitamins—I am obsessed with OLLY Vitamins these days – they are delicious dummies!—it will show up on your face and you will feel it in your head and your body,” she explains.

Phillips, has worked with A-listers such as singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, model Chrissy Teigen, and pretty much the entire Kardashian/Jenner squad, says, for her, „nutrition is number one for skin, at least in my book, before anything else.”

Along with good nutrition and proper hydration for healthy, luminous skin, an essential skincare routine is vital. „It’s super simple,” Phillips says, „always wash your face before bed and always apply your skincare routine, morning and night.” And „if you have super crazy irritated skin,” Phillips urges you to „run, don’t walk, to a dermatologist.”

After washing your face, the makeup artist explains that you should, „start with the thinnest thing first and work upwards. Go: oil, then serum, then eye cream, then moisturizer.” And once you’ve gotten your routine down pat, the most important thing to prep skin before a big event is time.” Give yourself about two hours, starting in the shower. Do a good scrub and use products that won’t strip moisture from your skin. Allow for much more face massage time and always incorporate masks, (liquid or sheet) for face and eyes. Also while you’re in the shower, do a body mask. It feels and looks luxurious!”

Once you’re prepped the skin, it’s time for makeup. Phillips has a variety of products in her bag, from brands like BECCA, Kryolan, Ben Nye, Tom Ford, Kevyn Aucoin, Shiseido, Clé de Peau, Koh Gen Do, AmorePacific, Dr. Perricone MD and La Mer. „For real, I am obsessed with all their products,” she says. „These are all my tried and true, and are all in my kit!”

To make sure your skin still looks like skin, Phillips advises „to fully blend anything liquid, like foundation or concealer, and then immediately apply your powder. Powder will set the makeup as it is, so make sure it’s as blended as possible before powdering.”

However, maintaining that flawless complexion requires diligent touchups throughout the day. „Stay on top of your makeup, and, depending on where you are, check back your makeup every hour or so,” she says. „That’s what we do on set to ensure makeup stays as fresh as possible.”

And to ensure optimal results, Phillips emphasizes the golden rule of makeup in that „less is more with all makeup.” „You can always add more. You never want to go too heavy with anything, because once it’s on there, it’s hard and timing consuming to go back,” she says.

To enhance the skin without overdoing it, follow Phillips’ foolproof makeup secret. „A little mini trick is after the face is all done, powder too, I like to take Créme de La Mer and apply over the makeup to certain areas of the face. I use my middle finger and take some out and place on the back of my hand like a palette and then tap onto the cheekbones, top of the nose and top of the forehead. It makes everything look like skin again!”

While it may seem that an abundance of products and treatments can only deliver such stunning results, Phillips reminds us that red carpet glamour is more achievable than we think. „It’s not about a magic product or the stunning beauty of a person that makes makeup stay longer, last longer or look better. It’s the skincare and health conscious choices of that person.”

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