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Selectum Hotel Belek: A special world nestled between a fairy tale and real life…

The story of Selectum is a passionate tale of a glorious vision that draws inspiration from the renowned beauties of ancient times…
We have chosen the timeless Latin word for “the selected one”. This chosen one is elegant, alluring, compelling.

Our journey began from a powerful desire to bring Turkish hospitality from a classical perspective into the present, homage to the legendary figures of antiquity.
Our hearts swelled with longing and great excitement to realize this dream.We imagined walked patiently on this path called love.
With unceasing persistence and meticulous attention to details, we developed an uncommon architectural design, a uniquely attentive service approach.
We delivered into present-day reality an ideal world with an irresistible spirit…

In this distinctive vision, the art of entertainment exists day and night, alongside exquisite international and local cuisine prepared in exceptional restaurants by chefs passionate about their craft.
Every detail presents what has not been done yet, every aspect presents what has not been offered yet by others…

Selectum Luxury Resort Belek
Kadriye Mah. Taşlıburun cad. No:14/2
T +90 (242) 272 79 32


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