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Simple is good. cerjo celebrates the simplicity

or years is the message for sun glasses: ever more visible, the better. Also cerjo has striking statement glasses in the assortment. But that is not any person. Discreet glasses can also have their charm.

Cats glasses, crazy versions, fully mirrored and oversized: designers came up with a lot of ideas to get noticed. While these trends be cool, but in everyday life has one and also desire, a bit more discreet model to wear. For this reason cerjo celebrates the simplicity as well as the showy. Finally, the no contradiction. Already the greek philosopher Epicurus of Samos knew: „There is also in the simplicity a distinction. If you are not observed, suffers similar to those in the immensity of the pleasure will be canceled.” may be a bit pathetic blades, a spark of truth is however well known in each quote. The new cerjo models convince by ist simplicity and its elegance and thus provide a discreet-sovereign occurs.

High-quality glasses sun glasses of cerjo convince with its trendy design also by their quality, the optimum protection of the eyes is guaranteed. Three glasses categories are available for selection: polarized, HDTM and polycarbonate glass. The polarized glasses make for the perfect anti-glare protection. They guarantee a clear view and eliminate up to 99% of glare. They improve the visual acuity and reinforce the color contrast for a maximum visual comfort. They also agree to grant 100% UV protection and correspond to the European Directives

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