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The spirit of shamballa – The original bracelet

For more than a decade, the fine jewellery brand, Shamballa Jewels, has dedicated itself to creating iconic and highly personal jewellery for men and women alike, who are courageous and curious by nature, and in search for experiences that go far beyond simply luxury. This year, Shamballa Jewels pays tribute to its recurring motif – the Star of Shamballa 1– presenting The Spirit of Shamballa Collection; a sparkling, exclusive and feminine addition of jewellery pieces that celebrates its heritage.


Inspired by a clear night sky – its enchanting moon and shining stars – Shamballa Jewels combines shades of tranquil whites and grey to create a serene palette of colour that connects to the light and luster of the ethereal sky. The novelties in the collection are the Labradorite with its wondrous illuminous blue sheen – said to have fallen from the frozen fire of the Northern lights – together with the Akoya Pearl and Rainbow Moonstone that are treasured heirlooms due to their soft and feminine radiance. When combined with White Coral, Grey Moonstone, Tahiti- and South Sea Pearls, the precious stones represent an element of sparkling starlight and a magical nightly glow. The creations can be worn on their own or together with additional colour palettes, thus representing subtle vibrancy and sophistication, perfect for any mood and occassion.


Inspired by a clear night sky – its shining stars and an enchanting full moon – the purple Amethyst is the novelty in the men’s jewellery repertoire this year; a stone that for decades has reached high esteem due to its regal affiliation, whilst being said to have the power to soothe and stimulate the mind and soul. Even when put together with precious Blue and Grey Sapphires, the luminous purple colour still steals the show with its subtle, noble intensity. The creations are designed to be worn as a splash of contrast to a dark suit or as a bold statement that compliments any outfit in a rich mixture of grey, black and blue, as the colourful gemstones are accompanied by 18K blackened white gold with black and white diamonds for a refined, yet clever touch of masculine elegance.


All iconic Shamballa Jewels bracelets and necklaces offer endless opportunities to create highly personal and individual pieces of jewellery. Become your own jewellery designer by playfully fusing 18K gold beads with your favourite stones and braid colours of the season – creating a personal treasure box expressing your unique and individual jewellery style. Each creation has at least one 18K gold bead together with an 18K lock imbued with the Star of Shamballa, but from there on, there are no limits to the imagination.


The Star of Shamballa is often solely understood as the company’s logo, but it is much more than that. It is a symbol communicating a higher purpose, and emphasizes empowering the human spirit. The recurring star motif adorns each piece of jewellery and serves as a guiding star to the wearer, a reminder of living a life with purpose, and use one´s personal power to empower oneself and others, specifically with the power of love, joy, compassion and wisdom – the four directions of the star.


Shamballa Jewels was founded by the brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup in Copenhagen, Denmark. We make precious jewellery that encourages the possibility of connecting to our inner compassion and wisdom.

In 2001 Mads Kornerup designed what is known today as the iconic Shamballa Bracelet. The bracelet comprised of diamond studded gold beads strung together by the ancient macramé technique. Together the brothers developed the bracelet designs further, and they have since expanded our repertoire to include rings, earrings, cufflinks and necklaces. Today, the spirit of Shamballa Jewels remains equally fuelled by innovation and tradition.

Star rap musician Jay Z was the first to custom order a Shamballa Bracelet. Today, we are honoured to count Karl Lagerfeld, HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, Carine Roitfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Von Furstenberg and Giorgio Armani amongst the discerning collectors of our jewellery. Find out more about our history and our universe by scrolling through the pages


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