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SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort, from vision to dream-come-true

It all started with a walk in 2005, when owner Nicolae Căpușan went to a cabin in the middle of then seemingly nowhere, the midst of Poiana Cerbului, Cluj. “There was only land, an enormous field left untouched and I could immediately feel its healing power and potential”.

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He bought the deserted land, piece by piece and along with a growing dedicated team, managed to turn a vision he had – that of creating a place where one can relax, enjoy and explore
nature, in its purest forms and develop spiritually – into reality. Step by step, the cabin turned into a resort which now has five operational departments: a hotel, a restaurant, an amazing wellness
& Spa center, a great offering 9 holes golf course and the largest event hall in the middle of the nature, that hosts unforgettable private and corporate events. The chapel that the owner wished to build is part of the overall vision of the spirituality of the place.

Mr. Căpușan is a visionary who was never afraid to start from zero. He has recently bought the Decebal Hotel in Herculane, which he is planning to bring back to life, along with his son, Vlad Căpușan. “I went there with my son and came back in tears. That is when I said to myself that, as a Romanian, one can not just stand there and watch everything fall apart.” He has great plans, just as he does with SunGarden Resort, where he is continuingly putting up a strong and functional team, which he values and supports.

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Turning excellence into facilities
As a destination SPA & Wellness center in Romania, Sun-Garden Golf & SPA Resort unveils a safe environment to follow both simple and complex procedures. Should you live at a walking distance from the resort or be a dedicated guest for SPA & Wellness services, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of therapies, treatments and cures in facilities especially designed to make you reconnect with your senses. You step in an oasis of peace and relaxation, in the middle of a natural scenery.

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Eden Events Hall is a unique events hall in Romania, with its wooden structure and 3.500 sqm, 40 rooms for the guests, a restaurant and conference room. It is one of the most favourite wedding locations in Cluj. Still, Mr. Căpușan’s hope is that, with time, they would no longer have wedding events and focus on offering a full experience to the resort guests, where they can retreat, spiritually and physically. “My dream is that we host special events for groups of people who can fully enjoy the experience. I remember we had a group of French guests, highly civilized and educated people. They would have breakfast, and then lunch with wine and of course dinner. Their whole stay was just like a ritual.” The most attractive service that the resort now has to offer is the golf course. Spread around the Deer Meadow, in the famous Baciu Forest, this sporty course truly embraces the nature at its best. The golf holes are diverse in style and setting. In time, SunGarden Golf Club has become one of the premier golf clubs in Romania, hosting monthly competitions for amateurs and professionals (men and women). Cristian Jimborean, the green
keeper and Golf Manager says that “our goal is to make Cluj and SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort a new destination course for golfers worldwide”. In order to reach that goal, Vince Kelly, the Irish professional golf trainer holding the courses is a very dedicated member of the team. All part of a never-ending dream.

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