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the ten most extraordinary animal species on the Seychelles

From the bottom of the sea up high in the air…

animal dream islands: a tropical archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean Seychelles are the home of numerous exotic animal species. On the up to 18. Century uninhabited islands, nature has kept its uniqueness. Seychelles is home to 13 species of amphibians, reptiles and 30 220 bird species and over 1,000 species of invertebrate animals, all require special protection. What is the base area is concerned, the Seychelles on the world s largest share of nature protection areas. Of rare birds on sea dwellers up to the famous Riesenschildkorten – the bandwidth of the inhabitants is large. Dolce Vita has the ten most extraordinary animal species in a colorful gallery with wanderlust warranty.

World of Birds

Seychelles Vasa parrot

next to the Seychelles is this bird only in the Comoros and Madagascar. In the Seychelles is the bird with a glossy black feather dress, therefore also is known as a raven parrot, on Praslin home. It feeds on seeds and fruits, for example those of the Tamarind Tree.

The Seychellendajal Seychellendajal is a rare bird species, especially in coastal forests occurs. The english name Magpie Robin has the small birds, as it was with its white stripes in black plumage to Elster recalls. A few years ago he was threatened with extinction. Today, the stock slightly recovered.

Fairy tern

a real fishing talent is the so-called fairy tern. It feeds on small fish from the sea. One bird is able to equal half a dozen of them with the beak to transport and to its young on land.

Under water

fire fish

he is preferably in rocks and coral reefs. Also ship wrecks offer him a good home. The defends itself against enemies fire fish using a poison – to people this is painful but not dangerous. Visually cases each snorkelers by its reddish-brown color, white stripes as well as their big fins and fin spines.


very seeming present themselves the manta rays, depending on the type of up to 260 centimeters wide. Your back is usually much darker than the stomach side – your head almost completely integrated in the body plate. The noble animals seem graceful floating through the water instead of to swim.

The whale shark is

one of the largest animals in the sea lives, the whale shark. This puts it in some cases up to just under 14 meters in length. The suction cups are absolutely peaceful and feed on plankton and other small creatures that you through the suction filter out of the water. From and to the device even a small fish in the throat.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

also in the surrounding sea of the Seychelles on the road is called the hawksbill sea turtle. You can reach a weight of around 75 kilograms. Its beauty is also her curse: because of its beautiful tank with yellow and light brown stains it for a long time far on top of the hunting list. This is why the loggerhead sea turtle under protection of species, the trade with the shield plate is strictly prohibited.

On Land

Aldabra giant tortoise

even more famous is your related to land – the impressive Aldabra giant tortoise. These gentle creatures are particularly well known as playing an age of over 100 years. On the Aldabra Atoll, part of the Outer Islands that are you under a special protection. Live there now proud 150,000 of these copies.

Seychelles skink

also quite peaceful is the Seychelles skink. The Glattechsen-Art lives in wall cracks, stone columns as well as on trees. Up to approximately 20 centimeter long animals feed on small insects, for example beetles. Your body seem to shine as their scales particularly densely concerns.

Flight dog

until the arrival of the people were the Seychelles flight dogs the single suction cup on the Seychelles. The animals usually live in colonies and hangs when sleeping back to the left of the trees. With a wingspan of up to one meter are very impressive. When eating, you have a good taste – your favorite dish are mangos.

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