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Wellness holiday time elsewhere: Dolce Vita is unknown relaxation oasis

with the beginning of spring is not only for many of the spring cleaning, but also again more sports, more active and do something good for his body on the header list. Why not try the spa offer in Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and in the Czech Republic Getting to know? 


Slovenian municipality of Bled, the eponymous lake, 1855 was already by the natural scientist Arnold Rikli to a recognized health resort and spa. Until today, its special applications for sleep disturbances or migraine should help. By the surrounding mountains is also bled from cold northern winds, what a long bathing season with a pleasant climate and is the reason why the sport and health tourism is particularly well represented here. Also in the winter is the region in ski-fans popular. The village of Rimske Toplice, translated „Römerbad”, as the name suggests is already with the romans as a spa resort popular. They knew the local healing springs to estimate the also in today’s guests or for your relaxation.

Dolce Vita wellness tip: The hotel Triglav Bled, including a spacious wellness area offers a panoramic view on the Bled lake and the surrounding countryside. In the Rimske Terme can see visitors in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the thermal waters of the local amlijas source relax.



Hungary is known for its capital Budapest, historical castles, densely forested mountains and the famous Lake Balaton. But there are also numerous thermal areas. One of the most famous spas is the Széchenyi thermal bath in Budapest, which is one of the largest baths in all of Europe. Special attraction is the thermal bath in beer in the guests themselves beer while you relax in a wooden tub. But also outside Budapest there are numerous wellness oases.

Dolce Vita wellness tip: a special feature in the health and wellness hotel Mirage Medic, right in the heart of Budapest, is the hotel’s own center for traditional chinese medicine. The Castle Hotel Szidia Manor house in the Western Hungarian Rojtokmuzsaj in the generous wellness area offers a wide range of massages and an expansive park for walks.


in Poland can be active travellers by the last lowland jungle Europe hiking, the Białowieża National Park in the east of the country. Who prefers wellness and relaxation can be in one of the many resorts come to rest. For example in Rewal, the largest spa in the region of West Pomerania and directly on the Baltic Sea coast lying, or Bad Flinsberg, close to the border triangle of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and at the foot of the Jizera Mountains. Kolberg, a port city on the Baltic Sea, is as the lake, the Sol and mud bath.

Dolce Vita wellness tip: in Kolobrzeg is the modern marine hotel directly on the beach and offers its guests a view of the ocean and a spacious wellness area for relaxation and a jacuzzi on the roof terrace.

Czech Republic:

the tradition-rich Karlovy Vary in the west of the Czech Republic is quite nice with many well-known. With the twelve sources, historic spa facilities and spas is the Bohemian spa town Karlovy Vary for decades, a popular destination for wellness travelers, including kings, emperors, the Russian Czar and famous composers. Some of the famous guests, for example, Ludwig van Beethoven, relative room in the luxurious Grand Hotel Pup. The five-star house is up today by celebrities and also popular attraction and film backdrop.

Dolce Vita wellness tip: The traditional Hotel Imperial towers above the spa town Karlovy Vary and houses have always been famous guests. The Spa and Wellness center treatments, massages and numerous applications. The historic Quisissana Palace offers its guests the traditional Carlsbad drinking cure, in which the local mineral water sources are used.

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