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World Class opens new club in AFI Tech Park

In 2017, Bucharest ranks 3rd in the top of the busiest cities in terms of rush-hour traffic, second only to Bangkok and Mexico City. For corporate office workers in Bucharest, it means over 90% extra time consumed on the road and drastic reduction of active leisure time.

World Class Romania has made a goal of encouraging physical activity among Romanian employees with its strategic positioning of World Class clubs: as close as possible to the major areas of office buildings, in order to be time-saving and provide maximum accessibility. Consequently, corporate employees can practice sports before and after the office program or even during lunch breaks.

The expansion of the network continues in 2018 with a new health and fitness club: World Class AFI Tech Parkcovering a new area of office buildings in Bucharest. The project is located between two main traffic arteries, Progresului Boulevard and Tudor Vladimirescu Boulevard, each having four lanes that allow a smooth traffic flow.
The excellent position makes driving from anywhere in the city accessible in the shortest time possible. This is one of the most important spots in the Capital, a modern urban area that brings together the headquarters of the most well-known multinational companies worldwide.

The new club, 24rd in Bucharest and 33rd in Romania, will cover a substantial area of 1,500 square meters in AFI Tech Park 1, the first phase of AFI Tech Park, a project developed by AFI Europe Romania.

The members of the new World Class club will be able to exercise along with our health and fitness experts and try our high-quality equipment that ranks best in Romania and worldwide. Cardio and strength training areas, along with a modern functional fitness area, unique immersive aerobic and cycling experiences in the dedicated studios and a dry sauna will be among the benefits the members can take advantage from. Also, they will follow training programs developed by World Class health & fitness experts and also by LES MILLS™, the biggest group fitness programs supplier.

Moreover, for a complete workout experience, the clients can choose 1 on 1 sessions along with the best in class trainers. Around 20 acclaimed fitness instructors and professional personal trainers will be there for members to benefit from the newest and the most efficient programs for an active lifestyle.

“The new World Class health & fitness club is yet another successful implementation of our mainobjective: to be closer to our clients and provide a 360 holistic, state-of-the-art health & fitness services presented by our health and fitness experts. It will be strategically situated in one of the most important office building centers in Bucharest, actively encouraging corporate employees to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve work-life balance. Each and every person that joins World Class proves once more that an active lifestyle is not only a message we want to spread, but a choice we make every single day”, stated Kent Orrgren, CEO World Class Romania.

Integrated at Bronze package category, the club will offer members the chance to upgrade to different types of memberships, while testing various training programs suitable for their active lifestyle close to home or workplace.

The whole project concept is based on offering the needed facilities in order to improve people’s life and help them create and maintain a healthy routine for a long period of time.

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