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Romanian Robert Grama, Bar-keeper betrayal Things You Should Know About gin.

Gin is currently the trend drink: but who knows how to correctly should drink Gin? And where the Spirit is actually come from? And that gin even power?

Robert Grama, Bar-keeper betrayal Things You Should Know About gin.

Born in Romania wandered Robert Grama already at the age of twelve and without education with his uncle, a tucia burner (Romanian plum distillate) in Prague. From him he learned everything you need to know about the distillation.

Long time, Robert his family and himself with side jobs on water before it verschlug 2012 After Austria: at the beginning, Robert was in the restaurant area in use – as the 2014 Bar Stollen was launched, but he had finally found his true vocation. Shortly after the opening of the stollen 1930 with 527 different Gins as the largest in the guinness book of records. Today there are already almost 900 different varieties in the small cellar, 90 meters deep in the rock of great directly under the Kufstein Fortress in Austria.

How is the Gin manufactured?

Gin is a grain distillate with juniper taste. According to EU regulation, gin, when he is London (Dry) Gin wants to call at least 37.5 percent contain alcohol and may only from natural and nature-identical flavoring substances. This includes for example coriander seeds, angelica roots or dried lemon and orange peel, where the characteristic juniper taste but still dominate.

How to drink Gin?

Gin is only very rarely drank pur: a popular classic is the simple gin & tonic and the well known cosmopolitan was in the 30’s on gin-basis mixed (today it is mostly vodka). Theoretically, Gin with any companion mixed, that depends on the personal taste. Is Indispensable only much ice: a gin needs it cold!

What makes gin in comparison with other spirits so special?

The special feature of gin is that it is almost exclusively as a mixed beverage drunk, this taste but not to adapt. A vodka as always as the accompanying mixed drink, the gin, on the other hand, retains its individual taste.

There is no other spirit drink as varied in taste like gin: Each variety is individually from the sweet to the lemony.






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